Mark Whitehorn started in the industry at age 22, where he was apprenticed to his older brother, Antony. After four years (and a few cuffs around the ear here and there from his brother), Mark became a qualified jeweller with distinction in 1988 at Antony’s Jewellers in Linden. He qualified as a diamond setter in 1992, and he also completed diamond grading and gem identification courses in 1988. This means that he has close to 40 years of experience in this industry, with all of the relationships and know-how that go with it.

In 2000, Mark moved to Rosebank, Johannesburg, so that he could work from a home studio closer to his wife, Margi, and his two daughters, Sarah and Cayla. His business has expanded vastly since he started, where in many cases he has had the privilege of making jewellery for three different generations in the same family.


Mark Whitehorn covers the jewellery design, manufacturing, and maintenance process end-to-end. Mark helps you in the design of your jewellery, and then sources the required gemstones and metals. He then manufactures the piece in consultation with the client throughout the process. Once he has handed over the finished piece, he is available for cleaning and repairs for the lifetime of the piece. He provides a jewellery valuation on completion of each piece with complimentary updates annually.

Mark aims to provide you with the entire spectrum of benefits that come with his knowledge and experience. His first priority is to ensure the quality of his products, as in an industry which is highly centred on trust, the relationships he builds with his customers are the most important indicator of success that he can measure.