There are a number of different precious metals that are used in the making of jewellery, where white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are the main metals that Mark uses. Furthermore, these metals come in different caratage, depending on the amount of alloy metals that are mixed with gold.

Gold is often mixed with an alloy of different metals in order to make it hard enough to use for jewellery. The most popular alloy metals are silver, copper, platinum, and palladium, where the proportions of these metals differ according to whether the desired result is white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

The different types of gold are:

  • 24-carat gold refers to gold that is 99.99 percent pure. However, 24-carat gold is too soft to use in the making of jewellery.
  • 18-carat is gold that is made up of 75 percent pure gold, while the remaining 25 percent is an alloy of various metals.
  • 14-carat gold is 58.5 percent pure gold with the balance of 41.5 percent comprised of alloy metals.
  • 9-carat gold is 37.5 percent pure gold, and the remaining 62.5 percent is made up of alloy metals.

Lastly, jewellery platinum is made up of 95 percent pure platinum, with the 5 percent balance being either pure gold or a ruthenium alloy to make it more durable.